Acoustic Guitar Strings Nickel Alloy Strings Set, 6 Guitar Stings, E-012, B-016, G-024, D-031, A-041, E-049, Clear and Gold
Brand new and high quality strings for daily use
Wrap Wire: Nickel-plated Steel;Tone Classic, Balanced
Plain Strings: Standard
6 Guitar Strings/Set Is included
Brand new and high quality strings for daily use. 
Core and wrap wires must meet strict requirements in order to make the grade. 
Gauges: Inch:E-.012, B-.016, G-.024, D-.031, A-.041, E-.049 MM: E-0.30, B-0.40, G-0.61, D-0.80, A-1.03, E-1.25 Nickel Wound Output: Moderate/ Normal Tone Classic, Balanced Wrap Wire: Nickel-plated Steel Core Wire:High-carbon steel, hex core Plain Strings: Standard, 6 String/set Package Included: 6 Guitar Strings/Set
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